What to expect from your first Pilates class

New to Pilates? Let me be the first to say, welcome! Starting anything new can be daunting. This blog is filled with information to help you feel comfortable and confident to start your first Pilates (or yoga) lesson. Firstly, it’s vital to say that Pilates is amazing for every one! Every age, fitness level and body type can benefit from regular Pilates. Be brave! Get yourself to a class today.

1. What do I wear to Pilates?
Wear something that you can move freely in. I prefer my clients to wear clothes that are form fitting so that I can really see how the body is moving, but a pair of leggings and a t-shirt will also do the trick. Some Pilates studios will also require you to wear socks, so make sure you bring a pair with you to be safe!

2. What do I do when I arrive at the studio?
I always recommend coming 5-10 minutes early to your first class. Even if your teacher is busy with another client or class you can make yourself comfortable in the studio environment. Once the teacher is free, don’t be shy! Introduce yourself as they will be expecting you. The teacher will then show you around the studio and point you in the direction of a mat/reformer, depending on what kind of class or private lesson you are doing.

3. Should I have a private class before joining group classes?
If you have never ever done Pilates before I always recommend a few private sessions. Consider this an investment to get the most out of group classes. The teacher will help you become familiar with the Pilates exercises and equipment. You can then confidently join any class with a solid understanding of Pilates foundations. If you are very active and injury free and are happy to throw yourself in the deep end, dive straight into a group class and learn as you go.

4. What should I bring to Pilates?
Yourself! If you like you can also bring water, a towel and socks.

5. I have injuries, what should I do?
Let your teacher know, and they should take care of the rest. Don’t worry, most people have some sort of injury or imbalance going on. Don’t let it hold you back from moving the body. I always say there are hundreds of ways to modify an exercise, if something doesn’t feel right, we will find another way to achieve the same outcome.

6. I’m nervous, it’s been a while since I’ve exercised.
Welcome back! We have all been that person starting something new for the first time. The Pilates studio should be a safe and inviting space. Start with a private lesson to get your confidence soaring or grab a mat in the back of a group class. You are definitely in the right space!

7. Will I feel it the next day?
Pilates is not designed to kill you like a HIT class. Your body will work hard and move well but you should leave a class feeling lengthened and taller rather than sore and stiff. However, if it is the first time you have moved in a new way, you may feel it the next day, but you will be fine!!

If you have any other questions about starting Pilates, get in touch with me!

Amy xx