Posture – Poor posture is the biggest complaint that I hear from my students.Our modern lifestyle is becoming increasingly sedentary. We are spending more time sitting down slumping, driving or hunched over technology. Regular Pilates can help strengthen your postural muscles and stand up tall again. It can also help manage tightness in the back and shoulders. Students leave feeling that little bit taller.

Strength- Strengthen the body in a safe and effective way from the inside out. Pilates exercises are focused around the centre of the body, known as the core or in Pilates the ‘powerhouse’. A strong and stable core (which includes your abdominal muscles, obliques, and back muscles) is the key to a healthy ageing body.

Balance – Can you stand on one foot? Is one side of your body stronger than the other? The goal of Pilates is to create balance in the body.  Every exercise requires the full body to work together. This can help create symmetry and strength in the body and coordination. Pilates will help you find your centre and move efficiently.

Movement– Are tight hips or shoulders holding you back? Move it or lose it! Pilates exercises can help you safely explore and improve your range of motion in the hips shoulders and back! Feel the benefits of this safe and low impact exercise throughout stiff joints and the tight body and move freely again.