Pancakes are a breakfast favourite and are traditionally a little on the naughty side but this classic can be recreated with a modern hippie twist. These are my Gluten Free, High Protein, Chocolate Pancakes!



o ¼ cup Almond Meal

o ½ Cup Buckwheat Flour/Coconut flour/ Gluten Free flour

o One Serve of Natural whey Protein (choc Flavoured)

o One/two Eggs (if used coconut flour use two)

o ½ cup almond Milk/ Water

o 2 Teaspoons Coconut oil

o 1 teaspoon Cacao



1. Combine all the dry ingredients together than slowly add the egg, milk and coconut oil, mix very well.

2. Pour little pancakes on a hot pan and cook until bubbles

3. When it bubbles turn the pancake over and cook on the other side

4. Top with nuts, seeds, cinnamon, yoghurt and honey!

5. Enjoy