[title-subtitle-heading subtitle=”How to Identify a good health product from the fads”]Super-food or Super-fad[/title-subtitle-heading]

The health world is growing at a rapid pace, with new products being thrown into the market every day. Working in both retail and in clinic I see hundreds of the latest and greatest health foods, supplements and super wonder grains, seeds and spices. So how to we identify what is actually a great product and what is a fad?  Follow my guidelines to help you identify a super product to a super fad.

[fancy-title type=”h3″]1. Is the product evidence based?[/fancy-title]

Countless products and supplements make claims about fantastic weight loss properties or anti ageing abilities but do they have the evidence behind them? I am huge on evidence-based research. Before I assess a new product I always look at the studies behind the claims. How many people have participated in the trial? Who funded the research? The list goes on. It is your right as a consumer to ask these questions and do the research. The companies with a great product will have this information and will be happy to share this with you.

[fancy-title type=”h3″] 2. Is the product endorsed by a celebrity?[/fancy-title]

My basic rule of thumb is if it is endorsed by celebrities  or any one without a medical or nutritional background  think twice and do your research. Are they being paid to endorsing a product? or do they actually believe in it and use it?  A product should be able to speak for itself and its properties should persuade you rather then the person holding the packaging. Do not be fooled, no matter how big the smile behind the sale is.

[fancy-title type=”h3″]3. What is inside the box?[/fancy-title]

Just because a product has the name ‘greens’, does not mean everything inside is green. Take the time to read the ingredients. Look where the product is sourced from, where it is packaged, what the excipients and binders are in tablets, what percentage of the actual core ingredient is in the product. We are driven by a big bad world of marketing and sales and they are fantastic at what they do, but don’t be distracted by a pretty box, take a look what is actually inside

[fancy-title type=”h3″]4. Sound to good to be true?[/fancy-title]

Yes, we all know the answer. It is!

[fancy-title type=”h3″]5. Still in doubt? ask your local health professional[/fancy-title]

My final tip for weeding out the fad products is probably the most useful. If you are concerned about the integrity of a product simply ask an expert. As a naturopath I studied for 3 years learning these herbs, vitamins and nutrients. Herbalists, nutritionists, dieticians or your local health food store student would all love to help you decipher the great super products from the duds.

I hope this helps you make more informed choices to your health food shopping.

xx Amy