[title-subtitle-heading subtitle=”The Variety of Protein’s Simply Explained”]Protein Powders[/title-subtitle-heading]
In the world of protein powder, to say there is an abundance of choice is an understatement. There are hundreds of different brands that all claim to have the best formula. To me the brand doesn’t matter, but I  choose to go the natural protein and avoid the  artificially flavoured and enhanced powders.

When it comes to whey protein you have a few choices:

  • Whey concentrate: a basic whey protein great for the average person working out,
  • Whey isolate: a more filtered and pure form of whey, lower in carbohydrates and lactose free)
  • Hydrolysed whey (the purest whey protein and fastest absorbed by the body). The proteins usually go up in price with concentrate being the best price and hydrolysed protein being the more premium choice.

Then there is casein, also derived from milk another option for your protein needs. Casein is also referred to as the night time protein as it takes longer to break down by the body so will keep you feeling full longer. Personally I am not the biggest Casein supporter as I believe it can be difficult to digest.

So what’s the go??

Most protein company’s blend a mix of isolate and concentrate. This is the most popular choice for the average person training and should meet most people post workout protein needs. Each brand will have a whey blend, a whey isolate and a hydrolysed whey. They are usually not to different from each other but at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference which brand you choose. For the beginner starting training or looking for a high protein snack a blend between a concentrate and an isolate would be perfect. For those looking for a lower carb or lactose free protein isolate is the way (no pun intended).

Vegan Protein
There are also a wide range of vegan and non dairy proteins. This is my personal preference. The most popular are pea, brown rice or a blend of the two. I enjoy cooking or baking with the pea but drinking the brown rice options. Hemp is now coming into fashion and is also another great choice, although according to the TGA we are not aloud to eat it yet in Australia. With finding the right vegan protein it is hit and miss and I encourage you try small samples. For some grainy texture takes some time to get used to  but mix it in with frozen banana and you won’t notice the difference. Always try go organic, and avoid soy if you can.

Ladies, A little tip for you too is not to be scared by a larger container. Some companies have markets the mini protein containers to women.  There is no such thing as men and women’s protein the contents are exactly the same product just packaged in different ways and end up being a far more expensive options.  Sometimes the ‘girls’ protein has 14 serves but is almost the same price as the ‘mens’ protein which has 28 serves. So keep on the lookout. Protein is not gender bias!

Protein powders are by no means a replacement for all your meals but can be handy in ensuring adequate protein consumption and are great for hiding veggies in.

This is just a basic guide to protein but I hope it helps you understand the big bad world of sports supplements a little better xxx