Stress is sometimes an unavoidable part of our lives. Work, family, and friends can all put extra pressure on our already busy everyday life. Everyone deals with stress in different ways, for some people it can manifest into a headache, stomach condition, skin out break, tight neck and even insomnia. Managing your stress levels is a key factor in maintaining good health. There are some amazing herbs and nutrients that helps but today I have focused on the lifestyle tips and most are free!

1. Exercise.
Daily movement is essential for brain health. Aerobic exercise including running, swimming or walking is proven to decrease stress hormones.

2. Enjoy the benefits of spending some time in the sun.
Being in nature for 30 minutes per day can help reduce stress hormones and assist recovery after a stressful situation.

3. Meditation
and/or yoga can help to increase relaxation whilst benefiting not just the mind, but also the body. Learning to unwind is important for reducing stress.

4. Favourite pastime.
Create time for YOU! Do something that you love, like listening to music, enjoying a candle lit bath, watching a movie, or starting a creative project – these fun activities can help you become more tolerant of everyday stress.

5. Get creative and express yourself in as many different ways as feels good.
Singing, dancing, and art projects are but a few ways to do this.

6. Eat seasonally, fresh and organic as much as possible.
Include protein at every meal with a variety of fruit and vegetables.

7. Include good fats
Such as omega 3s from fish, nuts and seeds, and olive oil to help with brain health and mood regulation.

8. Drink plenty of water
A minimum of eight glasses per day and avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt.

So today take action, do something for you to bring down those stress levels. Trust me you will feel much better.

xx Amy