5 Reasons You NEED To Do Pilates


1. It feels GREAT.
Have you ever gone to a gym class, to walk out feeling like you have been hit by a bus? To only wake up the next with pain in every muscle in the body? Pilates will work you hard, but instead of feeling tight or sore, you will leave feeling longer, leaner and 100 feet taller.

2. Breathe
When was the last time you took a big inhalation and filled your lungs and a long generous exhalation all the way down to your belly? Pilates (and yoga) will teach you how to breathe properly, and when you can connect your breath to your body you will reap the benefits!

3. Strength
Strengthen the body in a safe and effective way from the inside out. I like to use the analogy of a battleship, Pilates helps to build and strengthen your ‘core’ or ‘powerhouse’, turning you into a battleship. Would you like to go down a raging river in a canoe or a battleship? (Oh, and toned arms and legs are also an added bonus ;).)

4. Body Awareness
Do you have two left feet? The Pilates method will help you discover a sense of balance and awareness in your own body. Learn to move with control and gain a greater understanding about the full range of ability and motion of each part of the body.

5. In it for the long run…
Pilates has been around since the early 20th century. It is a tried and tested method that simply works! If you want to not only learn to move well now, but age well Pilates is the low impact exercise for you! I am in the business of created healthy bodies that will age well through the years!