“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

Exercise is important for mental and emotional health and creating a strong body and mind. Yoga for me has been my favourite form of movement. These are my favourite collection of articles on yoga and exercise.

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Half Moon

15 Jan 2014 | Under Yoga | Posted by | 0 Comments
2. half moon

After a long day at work its super important to stretch yourself out. I find the half moon pose a great release for my back and the side of my body. Standing with your feet firmly grounded raise your hands over your head and interlace your fingers releasing you index fingers. As you inhale reach […]

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Opening the Hips

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3. opening hips

As a yoga teacher a main area people wish to improve on is opening up the hip flexors. Most men in particular struggle with this. For me I am blessed with flexibility but for those of you who struggle with sitting cross legged I urge you to keep going, with time your knees will reach […]

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The Only Yoga Pose for Fatigue! Inversions!

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4. upside down

Just like a magic pill there is one yoga pose that nobody should live without. No matter how stressed, tired, overwhelmed you are feeling a simple five minute inversion can change your perspective of your day. Inversions simply mean upside down, but can be as complex as forearm headstand and shoulder stand to as simple […]

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