About Amy


Amy is a qualified naturopath and certified yoga teacher who holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and is currently completing a Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine and a Pilates Chicago Comprehensive Instructor Training.

Amy is a firm believer in the healing power of food, exercise and herbal medicine. She takes a simplistic, fad-free approach to health and wellbeing. Her goal as a practitioner is to help clients feel great naturally and easily through implementing effective and achievable solutions.

Amy began her career in clinical practice in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.  She is passionate about assisting clients to lose weight in a healthy way through providing them with sound nutritional medicine advice.  Amy steers her clients away from trendy, yoyo diets, and steers them in the direction towards eating a well-balanced and wholefood diet. Amy champions easy to make, quick and delicious, uncomplicated meal plans!

Amy’s key areas of interest include digestive health, identifying and managing food intolerances, addressing insomnia, providing practical ways to manage stress and promoting skin health from within. She is particularly interested in working with vegetarians and teenagers to teach them healthy ways to ensure their nutritional intake is adequate.

As a warm and compassionate practitioner, Amy empowers her clients by supporting them on their towards achieving and maintaining great health and combining movement and nutrition as medicine.

Amy is currently teaching one on one lessons. For group sessions at Kiralates in Double Bay:

  • Tuesday: 6:30pm – MPower pilates
  • Wednesday: 7pm – Kiralates
  • Thursday: 7pm – Kiralates

Amy x
(Naturopath, Pilates  & Yoga Teacher)

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification
Pilates Boston Comprehensive Instructor Training – Currently Completing



I also love animals and animal welfare. An animal charity I love is Sydney Animal Second Chance (SAS) which helps abandoned pets. I donate $10 from every consultation that I do to this brilliant organisation.